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African Pyramids of Knowledge

This is an Asante classic meant to underscore the epistemological basis for African knowledge. The author argues that Imhotep, the first pyramid builder, and not Homer, should be seen as the first human in antiquity to provide the foundations for subsequent science, art, and mathematics. The most monumental creation in antiquity is the pyramid. Using this argument as a starting place Asante shows how Black Studies, Africology, as he calls the discipline, leads to new insights into human knowledge.
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The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller

Charles Fuller is a pre-eminent American dramatist. The Dramatic Genius of Charles Fuller is an accessible and appropriate introduction to the mind of Fuller for those who know his work and those who do not. For an author who did not set out to be a Pulitzer Prize winner but rather one who would use every dimension of his multifaceted life to dramatize the narratives of African American people he has succeeded in being an influential voice in the dramatic arena. Buy the book and read the reviews.
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Facing South To Africa

Molefi Kete Asante’s Facing South to Africa asserts the singular importance of African people viewing themselves as subjects of their own narratives. In a striking manner the architect of Afrocentricity advances the Diopian argument that African intellectuals will never be able to clearly see the contributions and achievements of their own civilizations until they see their own narrative as primary. Thus, Asante’s book challenges the dominant paradigms of the West that have distorted the conceptions that people hold about Africa and Africans.
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