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The Global Intercultural Communication Reader

The Global Intercultural Communication Reader is the first comprehensive anthology to take a distinctly non-Eurocentric approach to analyzing and appreciating the diverse ways of communicating in different cultures, and incorporates African and Asian as well as Western perspectives. The volume’s international scope aims to expand and enlarge human understanding by promoting greater engagement with the closely related field of international communication.Featuring twenty readings by prominent intercultural and international communication scholars, The Global Intercultural Communication Reader is edited by MolefiKete Asante, one of the founders of the field of intercultural communication, along with international scholars Yoshitaka Miike and Jing Yin, key proponents of Asiacentric thinking in communication.
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There is a paradox about Africa: it remains a subject that attracts considerable attention yet rarely is there a full appreciation of its complexity. African historiography has typically consisted of writing Africa for Europe—instead of writing Africa for itself, as itself, from its own perspectives. The History of Africa redresses this by letting the perspectives of Africans themselves take center stage. Authoritative and comprehensive, this book provides a wide-ranging history of Africa from earliest prehistory to the present day—using the cultural, social, political, and economic lenses of Africa as instruments to illuminate the ordinary lives of Africans. The result is a fresh survey that includes a wealth of indigenous ideas, African concepts, and traditional outlooks that have escaped the writing of African history in the West. The new edition includes information on the Arab Spring, the rise of FrancAfrica, the presence of the Chinese in Africa, and the birth of South Sudan. The chapters go up to the present day, addressing US President Barack Obama's policies toward Africa. A new companion website provides students and scholars of Africa with access to a wealth of supporting resources for each chapter, including images, video and audio clips, and links to sites for further research. This straightforward, illustrated, and factual text allows the reader to access the major developments, personalities, and events on the African continent. This groundbreaking survey is an indispensable guide to African history.
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As I Run Toward Africa

As I Run Toward Africa is the extraordinary memoir of a boy from a small South Georgia town and its antebellum traditions, seductions, and malices to his eventual position as the most prolific African American author. Asante's experience in the Geechee-Gullah milieu of Georgia s coastal plains with its mystic and plaintive longing for Africa propelled him toward a conscious grasp of the meaning of loss, displacement, and dislocation, leading him to develop ideas that would reorient what he called slave thinking toward a more useful centered thinking for peoples of African descent worldwide. Asante rose to become the first permanent director of UCLA's Center for Afro American Studies, the editor of the Journal of Black Studies, a full professor at State University of New York at Buffalo by the age of 30, and the creator of the first doctoral program in African American Studies at Temple University.
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